First Middle Earth experience

Arriving into Matamata :)
Arriving into Matamata πŸ™‚

Yesterday we rolled into Matamata and went for a walk around Hobbiton! What a place, love at first sight πŸ™‚ It was busy and crowded, but looking past that, it was just stunningly beautiful and quaint πŸ™‚ I took far too many photos so I will try and keep it brief (there is literally a photo of every hobbit hole…)

IMG_7697 IMG_7719 IMG_7728 IMG_7751

Here is a selection of Hobbit holes (including Bag End!!)

IMG_7714 IMG_7706 IMG_7763

So many other little quirks, the detail is amazing!

Β IMG_7739IMG_7759IMG_7757

Every part is magical πŸ˜€ (especially sneaky Smaug :O )

DCIM100GOPRO IMG_7766 IMG_7778

Then on to The Green Dragon for Hobbit cider! πŸ˜€


All in all a fantastic day (demonstrated by my ridiculously happy face…)


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