Random ramblings in Riwaka


For our last ‘weekend’ we had planned to go to Lake Rotoroa for a night, I imagined a nice sunny afternoon on the kayaks exploring the lake, followed by some toasting marshmallows in the evening… What we were greeted with however, was Sandflies, and lots of them!! So instead (after a quick jaunt along a 4×4 track – Wilson did us proud) we headed back up North to Motueka. The next day we stumbled across the Riwaka Resurgence walk online and decided to check it out- what a hidden gem! Only a short walk, but through some amazing woodland.


The walk follows the river to where it leaves the mountain, very fresh and amazingly clear! It is supposedly a hotspot for divers, I can see why.


The best feature of the walk is the Crystal Pool, I wish I knew how deep it was, looks at least 5ft if not more and you can see the bottom clear as day!


None of the photos I took really did it justice, so here is a video instead. There is also a bit at the end of Ben the bird whisperer hanging out with a Fantail, such cool little birds!


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