A day at the races

Yesterday we managed to swap our day off and finally managed to get to the famous Nelson Markets!


Up and out by 8am, weather was lovely and sunny, and I can see why the markets are so famous! All I can say is, I wish I had more money… I could have filled a house with all the amazing, handmade, locally sourced goodies on offer.


We started it off with a yummy coffee from a Danish coffee stall and got fed the most amazing Danish Apple cake by the crazy owner 😀

Recycled wine bottles!

IMG_8237 IMG_8236

So much of the stuff on offer was made from recycled materials, or produce grown locally, lovely to see.


After a few hours wondering around we headed back to Motueka for the Easter North Vs South Island Drag race, my first event of this kind (that I can remember) and so much fun!! It was held at the airfield where they do all the skydiving, so we got to see a  few people fall out of the sky too 🙂


There were so many different cars and bikes competing, with each race only lasting about 10 seconds, I didn’t expect to get so caught up in it, but found it really exhilarating!

IMG_8263     DCIM101GOPRO

The main event was definitely watching the actual drag cars going head to head, after a season that started in 2014, it all came down to this moment! Well, they actually raced a few times… I still don’t really understand, and sadly, I have no idea whether it was the North or South Island that won the day!

IMG_8302     IMG_8292

It was a fantastic day though, something I would definitely like to do again, maybe next time I will take ear defenders though… Very loud!!


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