Nelson’s Founders Park


Working in a holiday park is quite handy when you become the tourist yourself on days off:

  1. It means you HAVE to learn about and know the area you are in to give guests the information they want and need.
  2. Lots of friendly people will come back and give you feedback on the places they visited.

The Founders Park in Nelson is one such place, a couple of American ladies we had staying came in raving about the place, so thats where we headed this morning. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it is quite charming and you enter it through this quaint windmill 🙂

IMG_8325_2             IMG_8330_2

The park is essentially a village made from reclaimed buildings from around the area, all bundled together to give you a 3D history lesson you can walk around. With a bakers, cobblers, brewery… It makes for an interesting walk and gives you an idea of New Zealand in the 1800’s.

There were however, a few modern conveniences, such as this rather good looking (and tasting!) coffee 😛


A favourite feature of mine was this plane, mainly because you could go and have a look inside…


IMG_8352_2     IMG_8355_2

On the way out we spotted a Japanese gardens, so had a quick walk around, Ive never felt so much like a Panda wondering around the bamboo 😀

IMG_8369        IMG_8377



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