Snowboarding, Mt Hutt


Finally! We made it up the mountain to do some snowboarding on Friday. We both took the day off work, so all week I was constantly checking the weather forecast and hoping for the best… Checked the status of the mountain on Friday morning and we were good to go!

Seeing as I have never done it before, I figured it was best to get a lesson or two before launching myself up onto the scary slopes. Luckily the lessons were really quiet, so it was just Chris (my instructor from Cape Town), Esteban (random guy who never seemed quite sure what was going on…) and I. Usually the groups will have about 10 learners, so with just the two of us, it felt like a private lesson, privileged!

snowboarding winter sports new zealand mountain

snowboarding winter sports new zealand mountain

Although I did spend a lot of time failing over and flailing around like a beached whale (luckily Ben didn’t manage to get a photo of that 😛 ) I had so much fun! I was a bit too scared to venture off of the Magic Carpet (basically the kids slope…) but picked up all the basics and with practise hopefully will be able to attempt one of the bigger slopes soon.

Ben, being a lot more experienced than me, went off and explored all the different runs. Some of his photos from the summit are beautiful (see his blog here). We met up for lunch and met some friendly Kea (a large alpine Parrot species), they are gorgeous birds and so cheeky!

IMG_0016 IMG_0029

As I was so busy falling over, I didn’t take any photos while actually snowboarding, but here are a few I took after 🙂

IMG_0026go pro mountain new zealand go pro mountain new zealand


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