Steam Punk HQ

We had our first weekend away in aaaages this weekend, it was awesome. We travelled down to a little town called Oamaru on Saturday morning; first thing on the agenda… Steam Punk!

Oamaru is known as the steam punk capital of NZ and it is easy to see why! There are bits and pieces dotted all around the town, you get the feeling that the town has definitely embraced this accolade 🙂

The main tourist district of the town is the Victorian area, this is where steam punk HQ is, along with a few streets made up of beautiful Victorian style buildings, full of quaint shops and cafes/bars. It really felt like being in a different country, it is SO different to the rest of NZ! I kind of fell in love with the place instantly, it is interesting, random and beautiful.

The steam punk HQ itself was just cool, and full of all sorts of weird and wonderful artwork including:

Animal sculptures…


thumb_IMG_0064_1024 thumb_IMG_0061_1024 thumb_IMG_0054_1024 thumb_IMG_0052_1024


The portal (otherwise known as the Matrix to Ben and I)


The courtyard…


thumb_IMG_0072_1024 thumb_IMG_0073_1024

It was so nice to see somewhere new, and to feel like we were still on our adventure, it can get a bit claustrophobic being in the same town too long…


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