Foodie in Kaikoura

Saturday afternoon (after my amazing experience meeting a whale), we popped into Seafest. This big annual event celebrates seafood, music and good times. It was packed (no wonder booking a hotel had been such a struggle…). But I am so glad we decided to go and check it out.

 IMG_0342 IMG_0343

Enjoying an ale and a cider in the sun.

Golden Bay scallops in garlic butter & a Paua burger (Paua is a shellfish delicacy here in NZ)

After a few hours, lots of a food and a bit of drink, we decided to call it a day. If you are ever in Kaikoura during the first weekend of October… Check out Seafest!

Sunday afternoon and we were just about to head home, but passed by the Kaikoura Sea food BBQ, I had heard rumours of how good and reasonably priced it was so we pulled over for some crayfish. Talk about lunch with a view!


The place is literally a little hut on the side of the road (cover photo), you get to pick what size crayfish you want (all individually priced) and they serve it up with fresh bread, rice and salad! Very much worth it, and yes, much cheaper than any other crayfish I have seen on menus around Kaikoura!



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