Kaikoura Wildlife

Sunday was meant to be ‘meeting the whales pt 2’ but alas, bad weather and a distinct lack of whale activity meant we missed out on a close encounter. The tour operator Whale Watch Kaikoura were pretty amazing though, the tour was still so interesting and fun, despite missing out on viewing whales (they even gave us an 80% refund). The staff here really know what they are doing, and I am in no doubt, if they can’t find the whales, no one can! If I could go again, I would either do it in summer, when orca sightings are higher, or winter, when the humpbacks are passing through.

We did get to catch up with the dusky dolphins again, they were playful as ever, always a delight 🙂

IMG_0374 IMG_0376 IMG_0377

Apologies for the photos, they are just too fast!! 

Also saw a lot of birdlife, including my favourite seabirds, albatross:


After the boat tour, we went and had a look at the seal colony on the Kaikoura Peninsular, the opportunity to get very up close and personal with these charismatic mammals. Although to be fair most of them were napping in the sun when we got there… 

IMG_0418       IMG_0417

Thank you once again Kaikoura, always an unforgettable experience ❤

Where the mountains meet the sea..


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